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A warm welcome to the Finnish Embassy in Prague!

Photo: Michal Pitin
Ambassador Jukka Pesola

I am very pleased to be posted to Prague and to have the honor of fostering the relationship between our countries. Working here gives me and my family a great opportunity to get further acquainted with the Czech Republic as well as the Central European region and its history.

Finland has always had a strong relationship with the Czech Republic and Czechs and we share many common interests, winter sports being one of them! These good relations also apply to Slovakia where our Embassy is side-accredited.

The main objective of our Embassy is to deepen the cooperation between our countries in the fields of trade, economic cooperation, EU affairs and culture to name a few. Being EU member states, it creates the natural framework of our relations and we share many common positions for instance concerning the single market and trade policy.

For our countries it is important that the EU remains a strong player in the international field. The Embassy aims to serve the Czech and Slovak decision makers by explaining Finnish views on various policy aspects and informs ours of the views held in Prague and Bratislava in order to facilitate decision making in Helsinki and in the EU.

Cultural ties especially between Finland and the Czech Republic are rich and strong. The Embassy has a role to play in promoting Finnish culture, and helping Czech artists to present their work in Finland. We keep learning from each other as universities and other institutions work together through student exchange programs or academic projects. Finnish language is taught in several universities in the Czech Republic as well as in Bratislava. In addition, Prague, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are very popular destinations for Finnish tourists.

Finally, we want to help Finnish companies gain access to, and participate in, the Czech and Slovak market. The Embassy and Team Finland are ready to assist if you are looking new business partners or opportunities. Similarly, we can help Czech and Slovak companies in establishing contacts in Finland.

We hope that you find these webpages useful. Find out more about what we do also on Facebook and Twitter.

Jukka Pesola


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Updated 1/16/2019

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